When I was in high school wher...

25 Oct 2022
When I was in high school where I had severe acne, I stopped dermatology and left it unattended. It's a case of adult acne. Especially from deep under the skin. I'm suffering from nodular acne, but I can't squeeze it
As I waited for it to calm down, I had pigmentation on my face and it was so hard that I had depression.

Other pimples, such as suppurative, may go away depending on the treatment or product you use
I can't help but wait for this nodular pimple. Eventually, from the mid to late 20s, the impression of people seemed to have become very dark and messy overall.

Atomu Acris Foam is a dermatologist who went to the dermatologist for extrusion and inflammatory injections, and I searched for it myself after hearing from my doctor to try acne-relieving functional products.
I wasn't going to pay much attention to the price as long as I could get rid of my nodular acne
I bought it because it was sold at such a low price at the event.

The texture, the smell, the smell didn't really matter at all.
First of all, I felt that there was a huge difference in sebum volume for a week or two after using it.
The amount of sebum on the skin decreased as smooth as I had just washed it in the evening, so I don't have to worry about getting dog oil on my face even on days when there is a lot of sebum produced in the skin.

The fact that the amount of sebum has decreased significantly seems to have helped relieve nodular acne. Nodular Acne Foam Cleansing Entrance is blocked, so I can't get out of it, so I think the pain and size of nodular acne have decreased significantly when I press it.

It seems that suppurative or small milky acne tend to settle down before nodular acne, and I personally have seen a lot of effects on the body that sometimes comes up on the hips and chest. I am uploading a picture of my skin that I took when I asked the hospital (1 year when I asked the hospital.



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