Hello, it's been a while since...

25 Oct 2022
Hello, it's been a while since I became friends with Atomu Now I'm used to the smell, and Atomu Essence is my emergency medicine.

I applied for the experience group in the group chat room of Atomu Hope Room, and Atomu thankfully gave me a chance to experience the Cream 17 Experience Group, and now it's about 5 days?I'll write a review of how I used it.

First of all, as you can see in the picture, the texture is not thick cream.You can think of it as a moisturizing cream, and it applies harder than lotion 17, but I think there will be a difference.

I don't like too watery cream, so it was perfect for me
It's a perfect texture to spread and it absorbs as soon as you apply the cream, so it doesn't feel sticky at all. It feels moist right away? It's soft when you touch it. You'll feel it if you apply it yourself I can't explain it well in writing
It feels like choking.

I think it's perfect for the weather right now, and I think people with dry skin will feel a bit dry in the middle of winter
I'm oily, so I think it'll be better in the middle of winter than now
It doesn't smell like essence than lotion 17 and it smells sweet It smells delicious.

My skin condition is the worst right now due to moving + work stress + lack of sleep, and it's not in-between seasons, but it's not turning upside down and it's quiet, so I think there's a good synergy in the combination of essence + cream 17
Cream 17 contains 17% of essence.

If you use essence and cream together or together, it will go away this winter. If you like the essence, you can use it as a substitute But it's not enough for your body, so I think it'll be good to just put it on your face. Cream 17, which is made of patent ingredients and good ingredients, I really compliment you^-^

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