Overcoming Atopy There's a bi...

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25 Oct 2022
Overcoming Atopy
There's a big difference just by looking at the photos before and after, right?
(The cream photo is attached at the end)

It's a shame that I don't have many pictures because I don't take many pictures because it's hard to watch my body when it's bad, and it's hard to check every day. Families with people suffering from atopic dermatitis do everything they hear about what's good for atopic dermatitis, try this, and so on, whether the price is strong or not, they do everything.

I've used all the good creams, but there's nothing better than Atomu At first, I wrote it half-confidently, but now it's an indispensable Atomu! I think it's a big advantage that you can get samples No matter how good the atopic cream is, it may not suit me, but I think it's a good plan to get a small amount of products and use them! Thanks to that, I was able to settle down as Atomu.

I've been suffering from atopy since I was a child, and I've been suffering from not only adult atopy, but also steroid side effects for years, and I've been living a life that's covered with mud all over my body from face to toe There was no place where I didn't get a rash, such as herpes zoster in my hand and currency eczema, and I had all kinds of skin diseases!

Now that I can get rid of dirt and wounds with Atomu, I can not only do daily life but also do makeup.

I used to take care of my whole body with only Atomu without any medicine, especially Han Po-jin! Cream or lotion fits me better than essence, so I've been using cream and lotion It smells less than essence

At first, I thought this one also had a strong scent, but now it's such a familiar smell :)
Although there is a bit of a price range, I am very grateful for this product because it is working that much!

Sometimes, I still have herpes zoster on my hands. If I apply it before I go to bed, it's gone the next day It definitely reduces the itchiness!



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