Thank you for helping me overc...

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25 Oct 2022
Thank you for helping me overcome the side effects of baby skin and steroids.

But when I was about four months old, I found something round and hard and rough on my forehead. After applying Atomu Essence, it's natural, but it didn't look very effective. But it was definitely different. It didn't look that different, but at this time, it was so bad that lotion or cream didn't even seep in, so I only applied the Atomu Essence Original, which was a watery texture, all over my face and body.

It's gotten a lot better after a long day. It suddenly got so much better that I couldn't believe it. The red spots where my arms and legs were troubled became thick. It showed signs of recovery. As the gin started to stop, I could see more white flesh.

After applying Atomu Essence and getting better, I ordered Atomu Cream. And after the essence seeps in, I put on the Atomu cream all over. I applied a lot because I liked it because I could see it seeping in.

After putting on a lot of Atomu Essence and Cream for two months, Hokong's skin has gotten a lot healthier. Even though I've never applied steroid ointment.

Actually, it's quite expensive, so I was thinking about changing to another cheap one, but my conclusion is that there was no cheap cream that could replace Atomu even if I changed it.



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