Starting this year with Atomu,...

25 Oct 2022
Starting this year with Atomu,
We're wrapping up with Atomu

When I was young, I had atopic dermatitis and during my childhood and adolescence,
I got better at atopy by doing Taekwondo
I went to the swimming pool in college and it came back
I don't usually get atopic dermatitis, so this is atopic dermatitis
I didn't know what it was, but it was atopy later
I got to know him

Since then, I've been going to the dermatologist with a soft touch
I thought I'd get better if I took medicine. Hah!
I applied medicine for five years from 21 to 26
I applied it well and thought it got better, so if I don't apply it, it comes up again and again and again and again.

So, if it gets worse, I apply it. If it fades, I don't apply it
I put it on regularly and then slowly
I'm tired of taking medicine and applying it, so I'm thinking of going to an oriental medicine clinic. Last December, I went to an oriental medicine clinic and started getting acupuncture. And in less than a month, the dead skin cells all over my body become red
After searching about atopic dermatitis, I found out about the Aneste cafe
I got to know Atomu!

When I applied for a sample, I uploaded a picture of my face, and they sent it according to my condition
That's why I use essence b.

I applied it 3 to 4 times a day
When it's severe, it hurts if you apply essence on right away
I sprayed Atomu Skin or Mist and applied essence
It got better, so I put on essence and sprayed mist.
At times when it was really bad, each day felt long
I didn't feel any pain, maybe because it was muddy, stiff, and painful.Hah!
Why won't it go away? When will it get better?
As time goes by, I feel like I'm glad I waited for it



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