Hello, I am a woman in her 20s...

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25 Oct 2022
Hello, I am a woman in her 20s who has been suffering from atopic dermatitis since I was young. Since I was young, I've had atopic dermatitis on my face "T"
In his early 20s, he was severely overturned and repeatedly improved while receiving oriental medical treatment, and after a year of wearing only a hat mask, the area that came up decreased over time.

Three years later, I had a severe rash all of a sudden, perhaps due to my negligence in health care.

Now, I don't even want to think about the hospital, and I joined a dermatitis cafe to treat myself and got to know Atomu by getting various information. When I saw the article that patients with symptoms like me had a lot of effects, I skipped the free experience and bought soap and essence right away.

When I applied it while the barrier collapsed, it was so stinging that I could tap dance. A little bit of tears.But I definitely saw the effect of reducing itching after applying it Even though it didn't work as soon as I applied it, I believed in the writing to keep using it for 1-2 weeks and endured it even if it stung. As a result, as time goes by, the inflammatory lumps have subsided, and it seems that the skin is recovering!

Atopy on the part where the left arm folds gets worse when the face gets worse, but sometimes when one or two mosquito rashes come up on the arm, I apply Atomu Essence right away. Then is there real steroids in it? The rash subsides in a few minutes I think it goes really well with my skin I'm going to use it for the rest of my life.

I'm telling people to use cosmetics samples if they have atopic patients Haha.

Using this product doesn't mean that the rash didn't come up at all, but it's definitely reducing the range! I think I can slowly restore the barrier with Atomu and return to healthy skin!
Thank you so much for the good product! :-)



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