From meeting Atomu to now T...

14 Oct 2022
From meeting Atomu to now

The above pictures are of my child, a 5-year-old child. While using various products with atopic skin, I found out about Atomu, a cosmetic product. And from the beginning of the sample of Atomu Cosmetics, my child has been using it until now. I'm using Atomu Original Essence from cosmetics.

The first picture is before using Atomu cosmetics on December 10, 2020. It gets better and worse, swollen, watery, and red. I had concerns and hesitation for a while,
but I decided to use it more for my child.

Looking at picture 3 above, you can see that my atopy is getting worse. And if you look at picture No. 4, you can see the red and swollen appearance.

And pictures 5 to 8...
It's January 2021. It was improving a lot, but at the same time, a pimple appeared on the skin around the atopic skin.

Picture No. 9 is a picture on February 18th, 2021. Since then, my child has had minor itching. It's gotten a lot better. But I got a pimple. Repeat that it's gone. Sometimes it gets redder depending on the condition, so I'm applying an additional Atomu Lotion17 to the acne area. Overall, it gets better and then gets a little worse again (I'll have to check various factors), but it's the 9th picture that I can see that it
gets better because I manage it steadily.

The 10th picture is October 23rd, 2021. The child's arms and legs improved a lot, so I fed him some bread and 'Jajangmyeon' that he wanted, and this is a picture that
he took care of right away. The child's scrotum, penis, scalp, and elbow repeat, 'It disappeared and appeared.'

When using Atomu Cosmetics, the best thing was that the itching disappeared.Thanks a lot. I'm thinking of using it continuously in the future. I'm nervous if I don't.

After using Atomu Soap, Atomu Original Essence is applied twice a day to the atopic area, and Atomu Lotion 17 was applied to the acne area.



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