Review on Atomu Cosmetics. ...

14 Oct 2022
Review on Atomu Cosmetics.

It was around December 2017 that I got to know Atomu Cosmetics. My child is now eleven years old this year. My baby skin trouble still disappeared and appeared
repeatedly, and honestly, I still don't know clearly what kind of food he responds to. I started to restrict food to children is hard, but we limit flour, chicken, pork, and additives.

Despite taking care of it like this, I still don't know if it's blisters on the child's skin, peeling off the skin, and for some reason, responding to the child's condition. Every
time I touched my child, it hurt my heart, but now I feel a little calm because the Atomu Essence of Atomu Cosmetics is available. It became an indispensable
medicine for the child

I know that my child always applies Atomu Essence after washing his hands. Now, I always use it when my hands are good or bad. I want to inform those with skin problems that you should try it. And the smell is much better than the beginning.

But I like the old smell that stimulated the tip of my nose. ^^ The above pictures were taken in 2017 when it was severe, and the image that got better was taken yesterday (around November 2021). The child's fingertips are peeled off, and a little a bit on the palm, but he steadily manages them with Atomu Essence.

Oh, right! I saw his scalp a few days ago, and he had dandruff on his scalp. So, when I washed my child's hair with Atomu Shampoo of Atomu Cosmetics, my kid's scalp
improved, and Atomu Shampoo, Atomu Soap, Atomu Essence are now indispensable items in my house. ^^



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