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12 Oct 2022
Atomu solved my skin problems for 15 years in just a few months.

My skin disease started fifteen years ago. At that time, I didn't know and didn't think about the side effects of steroids, so I just believed in the hospital. So I went
to the dermatologist for a very long time. The dermatologist prescribed the steroid ointment, and I applied it steadily. After that, I used it continuously for several years.
And the areas where the skin disease occurred became fine.

Then, about five years ago, I developed eczema in my nipples. I was prescribed steroid ointment by the dermatologist and repeatedly applied, applied, and healed.
As expected, it was only then. So I've been looking for moisturizers since last year, and I found out about Atomu.

Around October last year, I first encountered Atomu Essence, and I bought Atomu Essence A of Atomu Cosmetics and applied it hard. As I used it, it got better. It got worse, and then I changed it to Atomu Original Essence, and the smell was worse, but I applied it hard, but five months later, papillary eczema that appeared on my
body completely healed. It was fascinating. It was touching tears. While applying Atomu Original Essence came all red around me. I couldn't sleep and had a hard time to the point of depression, but a miracle happened to me.

Three months ago, the inside of the arm, the inside of the ankle, the back of the knee, and the back of the armpit began to itch again, and then it came up red. At the same time, I think the nipples are itchy, so I apply Atomu Original Essence every morning and evening. That's how it got better. It's called worse. I repeat it, but it's gotten a lot better.

As you can see in the picture above, Now, the itching of the papilla has disappeared, and the inside of the arm is red, and the itching has improved. And the inside of the

Now, the back of the knee and the back of the armpits are still itchy and red, but now I apply Atomu Original Essence and moisturize with Atomu Lotion and Cream. It was itchy during the day, but as I paid more attention, the tickling during the day disappeared. I believe these two parts will heal like other parts. ^^



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