As a side effect of steroid oi...

12 Oct 2022
As a side effect of steroid ointment, I chose to taper. This tapering sets a cycle and gradually cuts it off while using the ointment. To find a product that fits my skin for
the first time, I used several products as samples, and among them, I thought Atomu Cosmetics provides the best, so I've been using them since May 2021.

At first, when I used Atomu Cosmetics products, I had skin trouble. The above photos are the early photos at the beginning with Atomu Cosmetics. Even in the picture, you can see that my skin was in trouble.

I applied it every morning and evening to tapered with Atomu products. Atomu Soap -> Atomu Essence -> Atomu Cream -> Atomu Mist.

I applied it every day in this order. I applied it and slept, and when I woke up, my skin was soft and matte, so I used it harder. When I felt my skin getting dry, I used Atomu Mist. It's good to cool the Atomu Mist sprayed when my body is heated or dry.

The above picture was currently taken on November 11, 2021. It's winter, but it moisturizes so well that I don't feel like my skin is dry or dry, even if I don't apply anything on my face for a long time. I think it's very moisturizing.

Atomu Cosmetics are not cheap in terms of price, but they have no choice but to continue to use them. Unless there are significant side effects in the future, I think I will get help with this product until I finish tapering. Thank you.



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