Atomu approached me when I was...

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12 Oct 2022
Atomu approached me when I was in despair after treatment at all hospitals.

Since I was young, I took care of atopic dermatitis and steroid ointment prescribed by the hospital. When I was in the third year of middle school, I applied to medicine
and steroid ointment prescribed by the dermatologist. Still, there was no improvement, so I went to oriental medicine clinics and university hospitals.

But it didn't work, so I was like, "What should I do?" While contemplating, I applied for a sample after seeing an Atomu advertisement on YouTube.

While talking to Atomu Cosmetics officials, I received a lot of help in product use and skincare.

At first, I had some doubts about Atomu products. Because I purchased and used a lot of cosmetics and medicines that were said to be "good for atopy," but they were not fundamentally treated.

However, especially among Atomu cosmetics I used, an essence called 'Atomu Original Essence' has a strong scent. It irritates the skin, but it has helped a lot in stopping steroids when discharge comes out due to steroid side effects; applying the Atomu Original Essence causes dead skin cells the next day and lightens the redness.

I feel anxious without this Atomu Original Essence, so I always have it like emergency medicine. When I think itchy at dawn, I spray "Atomu Mist" among Atomu Cosmetics, and I use Atomu Soap when I take a bath.

It was helpful to learn about Atomu Cosmetics, and I think I will continue to use it in the future.

But it's not expensive, so I'm using a discount event to buy it. I'm still with Atomu right now.~~♡



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