Suddenly dyshidrotic eczema ca...

12 Oct 2022
Suddenly dyshidrotic eczema came to me.

Dyshidrotic eczema recurred after the first round of COVID-19 vaccination. I have suffered from various dermatitis throughout my life, and the last two or three years
have been excruciating because of different dermatitis.

The above photos are from when the symptoms were severe until recently after using Atomu Essence.

Atomu Essence was tested a lot at a cafe to treat dyshidrotic eczema, and it was a well-known product, so I applied for free samples. Because it was effective, I got a
discount on my new membership and bought another bottle.

The effect of Atomu Essence is apparent, so it seems to be the best natural product to keep and use instead of steroids. The expiration date is more than three years after refrigeration, so it's more than I thought.

Although the smell was intense, it was okay when I got used to it. The scent is not very important for people with severe dermatitis.

The painful area the next day after applying Atomu Essence dried up yellow and healed with a scab. Thanks to this, before using all the free samples. The improvement accelerated and became the form of a hand in the last picture above. Other areas have also calmed down a lot of swelling and itching, and although there are still traces, I'm so happy to be able to sleep well.

Fortunately, the quality of life has improved as you can access good products through the efforts of the developers of Atomu Cosmetics. I will often visit in the future, and please prosper.



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