Yangjin's mom(?), essential fe...

12 Oct 2022
Yangjin's mom(?), essential fever, and Atomu healed a newborn baby's acne son.

I developed atopic dermatitis six months after giving birth to my first child. If I had known Atomu at that time, I would have suffered so much. I release heartbreaking photos above, hoping that there will be no people like me who don't know and suffer.

While attending oriental medicine hospitals and large hospitals, I managed atopic dermatitis, but it only worked for a short time after applying for the medicine. So I
stopped taking medicine, but it got worse soon, and I was struggling, and I happened to know 'Atomu' on the Internet, so I tested the Atomu products with the feeling of grabbing straws. After using the product, I thought, "Ah! This Atomu
Cosmetics will give me hope!" So I ordered a large bottle of Atomu Essence among Atomu Cosmetics. At first, I only applied the back of my feet, but later, I used it all over my body.

As you can see from the pictures above, the skin gradually becomes stiff. The discharge was very severe, and the release seems to worsen as it explodes but stabilizes as it gets scabbed. Atomu products helped my skin get better! As of November 2021, I'm more than 95 percent better, and if I'm still itchy, I spray Atomu Mist from time to time.

And the confidence in the efficacy of Atomu Cosmetics had become more assertive since July 2021, when my second child was born.

First, I was so scared and scared because it was an atopic skin disease caused by giving birth to a child, but that fear instead appeared in our second child. As soon as a child with white and clean skin left the postpartum care center and came home, atopic dermatitis developed one or two on his face, spreading instantly.

Since I had experience, I decided to trust Atomu Cosmetics once again. You know what? It's easy to challenge yourself, but it's not easy to challenge your child unless
it's a product, I really believe.

I believed it! I just trusted it! So, I decided to start with Atomu Mist among Atomu Cosmetics. I sprayed Atomu Mist on the gauze and stuck it on the child's face more
than five times a day. After about five days, the redness subsided and improved a lot. I think "Atomu Cosmetics really saves my child and me."

Newborn mothers will be heartbroken if their children have a fever. At that time, try using Atomu Cosmetics. I'm going to use this Atomu that my family uses. Please try it, and I hope you don't come back as far as I do.



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