I hope Atomu is the last choic...

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12 Oct 2022
I hope Atomu is the last choice.

My child is six years old. I said I would try various cosmetics, oriental medicine, hospitals, and folk remedies for six years, but it didn't work as I wanted. Then, accidentally I knew Atomu Cosmetics, and I'm using them. Among them, I will use Atomu Essence for only six months. Of course, if my skin is improving better than it is now, I will continue to use it in six months.

I felt while using it for three months that the child does not like when applying Atomu Essence. So, I changed our soap to Atomu Soap and continued to use it. However, the intensity of getting closer and hurting has decreased slightly compared to the first time. As a result, the power of itching felt by the child decreased a little. And among Atomu Cosmetics of Atomu Skin and Cream are also purchased and used, and these two products are also helpful.

The above photos do not show much effect yet, but I think the itching has decreased. Even if my child scratches it, it's not as big as before. I hope there will be more development in the future, and I will try to use it more.

Is the scent essential? I think the effect is more critical than the scent. I'm okay now because I'm used to it. I hope that many good products of Atomu Cosmetics will be made in the future, and those who suffer will get better as soon as possible.



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