Thank you so much for helping ...

12 Oct 2022
Thank you so much for helping me overcome my baby's atopy.

I am a mother raising two twin boys. About 100 days after the children were born, Woo-sung, one of the children, had atopic dermatitis and managed it.

Lotions and creams were prescribed at the hospital, but they didn't get better, and steroid ointment improved. However, I wanted to treat it without steroid ointment if
possible. So, my sister recommended it, so I applied the Atomu Essence sample I received for about two days.

But, oh? It felt different. "This feeling! Huh?" I thought it was something different.I bought Atomu Essence B, Lotion, and Cream with the discount coupon enclosed in the sample!

And from July 14th, 2021, Atomu Cosmetics began to be applied to children's skin.Exactly a week later, Woo-sung's skin began to change. From a month later, should I say, "Woo Sung's skin is lively?"

And after applying it continuously for about three months! Now, coin eczema and scratches remain, but the area where the child does not scratch and folds the flesh has improved because it is itchy.

Whenever I see Woosung, it's so fascinating. On the one hand, I told Woo-sung, "You don't know when atopic dermatitis will come up again. I'm also afraid of the
thought of ''. "Atopy doesn't cure completely!" Someone said, "Take care of atopic dermatitis."

My twin brothers got a lot of help because of Atomu Essence, food allergies, heat rash, etc. When both children have 'something strange' on their skin, I apply essence
and cream.

Then the next day, it disappeared as if nothing had happened. I'm so thankful for Atomu Cosmetics. It varies from person to person, so make sure to use the sample,
buy it if you like it, and try it for at least a month!



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