Atomu is the treasure of my li...

12 Oct 2022
Atomu is the treasure of my life.

My child suddenly developed atopy when he was three years old. I tried all the products I liked, but they didn't work, so I bought an expensive lotion from overseas Internet sites and put it on.

The lotion, which worked very well, turned out to be a first-class steroid, and at the same time, I happened to know Atomu Cosmetics online. Having done all the good
things, I hesitated to use Atomu Essence, but only after my child's skin broke down, I use Atomu Essence from Atomu Cosmetics.

On the first day of use, "It's itchy! It stings!" and my skin seemed to get redder, so I was disappointed, "Isn't it again?" However, after talking to Atomu company on the phone, I endured for five days and started applying Atomu Essence to the child's skin. Strangely, my skin is getting healthier. It felt like that! After that, I used it hard for a month on the child's skin with hope.

After using it for two weeks, the atopic skin disappeared, and now only a tiny amount of it is folded in the morning and evening, and only in the fall and winter!
By the way, applying Atomu Essence and Atomu Lotion stops the child's itchy behavior.

Anyway, my child turns a little red during the change of seasons for more than two years, but it gets better immediately after applying the original.

These days, they apply Atomu Essence A, which is milder than the original. There's also a free experience, so make sure to use it! I hope my writing will be of any help
to you. I hope everyone is free from atopic dermatitis and has a comfortable sleep.



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