It is effective for dead skin ...

12 Oct 2022
It is effective for dead skin cells and redness of the scalp.

My groom also had atopic dermatitis on his scalp about eight months ago. He
received four months of treatment at a general hospital dermatology clinic and a university hospital good at skin diseases. He took medicine and used various ointments and natural shampoo good for dead skin cells on the scalp, but it didn't work. It was heartbreaking to see my groom shaking off the dead skin cells on his head and shoulders.

By the way, I was using Atomu Essence because of skin trouble on my hands, and it worked well, so I used a shampoo sample for my priest's husband. After using the
shampoo for about two days, the groom asked me to buy the genuine product, so I purchased it and used it.

You can feel it from the picture above, but at first, the scalp's redness and dead skin cells were very severe, and after that, the redness disappeared, and the dead skin cells gradually improved. My husband enhances by nearly 90%, so I live without much stress.

** I recommend Atomu Shampoo to these people. **
1. Who has a pimple on their scalp?
2. Someone whose scalp is too red and hot.
3. Person who has a lot of dead skin on her scalp.

Although Atomu Shampoo is expensive, the amount is plenty, and you can apply for a sample, so you'll get a feeling when you use the shampoo sample. However, it is
difficult to feel a definite effect due to the small shampoo sample, but you will know if you buy shampoo and use it for about two weeks. And please note that my husband has used Atomu Shampoo for two months to catch a lot of redness and dead skin cells.



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